NRIs' Ultimate Guide to Indian Wedding Style

NRIs' Ultimate Guide to

Indian Wedding Style

Entering the Indian wedding season is more than just a celebration for us as non-resident Indians living abroad; it's an opportunity to get into the heart of vibrant, multi-cultural celebrations. While the wedding season in India is a time for celebration and joy, it can also present a sartorial challenge, especially for those accustomed to Western attire. Fear not, for this guide will equip you with the essential wardrobe knowledge to navigate the Indian wedding scene with style and confidence.

Elevating Apparel with Indian Textiles:

Saree Sophistication:

Classic Elegance Personified: During the main wedding ceremony, invest in exquisite silk sarees, such as a Kanjeevaram or Banarasi, to project regal elegance.

Contemporary Touch:

Whenever you want to try out a new look, layering is always one of the greatest options. Try layering different fabrics and textures; add a touch of Desi elegance by wearing a traditional stole over Western clothing.

Kurta-Pajama Panache:

The Essential Men's Clothes Sherwanis Get a well-fitting sherwani with elaborate embroidery and luxurious materials like brocade or raw silk for a dapper appearance at the formal occasions. Jacket Jive: Elevate your style with intricately detailed Nehru jackets paired with classic kurtas, perfect for pre-wedding festivities.

Lehenga Loveliness:

Magnificent Femininity Versatile Lehengas: Savor the glitz of lehengas made of opulent materials like velvet or raw silk, embellished with traditional embroidery to create a captivating appearance. Gorgeous Dupattas: Experiment with brightly colored and embellished dupattas to give your ensemble a dash of elegance and drama.

Cultural Accents in Accessories and Adornments Ethnic Jewelry

To elegantly complement your attire, add traditional Indian jewelry, such as jhumkas, intricate or lace bangles, or kundan sets, to your look. Embroidered Footwear: To add a dash of Desi charm to your ensemble, pair your outfit with juttis or mojris that have elaborate embroidery or motifs. In the middle of your life in abroad, attending Indian weddings offers the chance to celebrate customs and merge cultures. Incorporating these wardrobe essentials that are straight out of Indian culture will not only up your style ante but also make you feel a strong connection to the grandeur and legacy of these magnificent celebrations.

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